• Ola Nguyen Van

    Ola Nguyen Van

  • Emmanuel Ternon

    Emmanuel Ternon

    Software Engineer by trade, Polyglot by passion

  • Sam Tran

    Sam Tran

  • Jo-Shan


    UX Design | CS | Content Marketing | Languages | Polyglot in the making | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jo-shan/

  • Aqua


    From Taiwan, a native speaker of Mandarin & Taiwanese Hokkien, interested in linguistic & language stuff

  • Lindie Botes

    Lindie Botes

    UI/UX designer and YouTuber interested in the intersection of languages & design. Building Kaards.io and blogging at lindiebotes.com. More: read.cv/lindiebotes

  • @alpamatheus


  • Arturo Cruz Herrera

    Arturo Cruz Herrera

    Language lover & design enthusiast. I’m passionate about connecting with others through the spoken and written word as well as through the power of images.

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